1982 - A Beginning

It is the time we started to bring the innovation forth in manufacturing the roofing tiles

1994 - Small step to add on

After the passion and progress that led the recent success in making roof tiles, we added in the list our second type of product - Sanitary Wares

2002 - Knowing the Trend

Change of trend occuring in starting of 20th Century, headed towards introducing our Ceramic Wall Tiles

2007 - An evolutionary choice

Evolution which made our products better and greater in build quality, was by decision to add Zirconium Silicate for bringing desired Opacity and Glossyness for premium tiles.

2008 - The very start of Floor Tiles

Just by next year after getting a huge response on our recent choice of applying Zirconium Silicate, we launched our innovatively designed Ceramic Floor Tiles

2016 - Upgradation for the on-going

We started the production of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles with all new equipments specially brought to bring the superior quality

2021 - Matching Contemporary of Gvt-Pgvt Tiles

For meeting every requirements we have now started to provide both the options- Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles for which we are receiving a huge response