Modern Technology


Our products defines our craftsmanship and the contemporary technology we use. The style of making we are following enables our products to be more durable and sustainble in vivid conditions of environment and surrounding. The products are made with the techno providing it high density structure. Italian-western high quality digital printing is the only secret element behind the elegant look of our products which requires no maintenance

to be Eco-friendly

Not in the urge of accepting unproven technologies, we care for enviornment safety.Sonex is known for giving never the compromised quality, which is possible only when the surrounding or the process is inspected well for it’s needed maintenance and care. This allows us to be continued while having eco friendly surrounding.

Right from the start, Sonex is used to handle the process of waste management, taking care that no harm is created to the nature world.



Brittle Resistant

Prevents to break even if it is subjected to stress

Scaled Next-gen Cut

For hassle free edge to edge to application

Natural Engraving

To provide a naturalistic ultra modern look

High Performance

For resisting to any critical environmental condition